Everbearing Strawberries

These delightful strawberry plants produce berries continuously throughout the growing season, giving gardeners one long, delicious crop. Everbearing strawberries are most productive in northern areas, where there is an abundance of daylight hours. These strawberries do not produce the burst of bounty that Spring Crop Strawberries do. Instead, their harvest is slower, extending over a longer period of time.

NW Berry Patch offers many different types of everbearing strawberries such as aromas, tribute, eversweet, and more! Check out our list of varieties below for more information!

We make sure all of our plants are cared for with love and attention so that our customers get healthy, thriving plants. While our farm is located in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon, we will ship anywhere in the United States.

Health Benefits: 

As with any strawberry variety, these delightful berries have many healthy benefits. Strawberries contain antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, fiber, and many vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C. So go ahead and have another handful, they are good for you!

Strawberries can be enjoyed in many, many ways. A strawberry fresh from the vine and slightly warmed by the sun is one of the best ways to enjoy these homegrown delights! Of course, they are also good in pies, cobblers, jams and jellies, sauces, fruit salads, and added fresh to cereal, yogurt, oatmeal, pancakes, or in smoothies. Whichever way you eat them, there is nothing quite like a delicious homegrown strawberry straight from your own garden.

Growing Tips:

Give these strawberries fertile, well-drained soil. After planting, keep all the flowers picked off until June 1 – 15th, roughly. This establishes a strong plant for a productive season. Plants will flower and fruit the rest of the summer and fall until a frost occurs. The original mother plants should be pulled out after the 1st or 2nd year. Treat Everbearing Strawberries more like an annual, culling the mother plant and leaving the babies to overwinter until the next year.

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