Lingonberries are a native to arctic and subarctic regions but do exceptionally well in the United States. They produce delicious small red berries that ripen later in the year. These plants will grow to about 7-8 inches high and spread to 3 feet wide, providing a solid barrier for landscaping. It has oval shaped leaves that are bright green in color. They produce single white to light pink blooms in the spring and small round red berries in the fall.

Our plants are grown in the heart of the Willamette Valley in Oregon. We take special care of all our plant varieties so that our customers get the best plants possible. Although our beautiful and abundant farm is in Oregon, we ship all across the United States.

Health Benefits

These berries are becoming increasingly popular as a super food because they contain a high level of antioxidants. Similar to the benefits of cranberries, these berries can also help reduce bacterial growth such as those found in urinary tract infections. In addition, they contain many other vitamins and minerals, and are a natural anti-inflammatory.

These berries can be eaten fresh, but are most commonly used in products like jam, jellies, syrups, wine, liqueurs, trifles, cheesecake, sherbet, and candies. They can also be added as toppings to breakfast food such as oatmeal, cereal, or yogurt.

Growing Tips

Lingonberries can be planted in the spring or fall. You should plant 12-18 inches between plants as they will spread. They will do well with adding a 4-inch layer of mulch after planting to encourage root growth.

It is important to water throughout the first summer to assist the plant to establish. Use ½ to 1/3 inch of water per week. Do not allow soil to dry out between watering.

Lingonberries ripen in August but are best when harvested after the freeze. Home gardeners can use a hand held scoop to lift the berries from the bush. For large crops a mechanical harvester can be used.

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