There’s nothing quite like homegrown grapes on a warm summer day. Their sweetness and burst of flavor are unmatched! Grape vines are an attractive addition to any garden and can be trained to grow up arbors and around fences where they can create a living barrier or enclosed space.

Northwest Berry Patch grows several different types of grapes including table grapes, seedless grapes and the ever-popular concord grapes. Click on each one below to learn more!

Health Benefits

Grapes have a variety of health benefits! They are a great source of antioxidants, fiber, potassium, magnesium, vitamin C, and they are a natural anti-inflammatory. There are, of course, many ways to enjoy your homegrown grapes—straight from the vine, or made into jam, juice, wine, or raisins. They also do well when added to a variety of foods from salads to baked goods.

Growing Tips

Grapes prefer a light soil with good drainage and moderate to high fertility.  Soil should be kept moist the first year after planting but the grapes will tolerate short, dry periods in following years.  We recommend applying a balanced fertilizer every spring.

Plant grape vines in early spring or winter in full sun and facing south, if possible. When planting, we recommend pruning back top growth to two or three buds.  You can also prune the roots to avoid root clumps in the planting hole.  Space each grape plant about eight feet apart, for best performance.

You can prune your grapes at any time from December through February.  The first growing season should produce one main trunk from the two or three buds left at planting time.  Select the strongest vine for this purpose at pruning time. The second growing season should produce four lateral branches.  You can prune back to one or more main branches, depending on your goal, if you are training them on arbors, trellises, etc. When pruning back vines, always leave a finger or stub with three or four buds.  Some light summer pruning may hasten fruit development.

Most grape vines will produce an occasional fruit bunch the first year and will put on a good crop the second year if full sun is supplied.  Happy growing!

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