Elderberries grow to be tall, glorious shrubs that produce delicious, intensely flavored fruit. The varieties we grow are extremely hardy and are naturally pest-free so they require little to no spraying. We grow the two best varieties for fruit production: nova and york. Both varieties are relatively low maintenance plants, and their sweet berries host a variety of health benefits.

Northwest Berry Patch grows the highest quality elderberries here at our farm in Oregon. We take special care to make sure our plants are getting the attention and nutrients they need to thrive so that our customers will receive the best plants for their homes and gardens. Please click on each berry type below to learn more about the variety and to order online today. We ship all over the United States!

Health Benefits

Elderberries are large, sweet, juicy fruit that have long been deemed as a powerful remedy. Besides being a great source of antioxidants, amino acids, and vitamins C, B, and A, they have been known to improve heart health and boost the immune system. In fact, many years ago elderberry juice was given to people to help treat the flu and lessen the symptoms of colds, coughs, and bacterial infections.

These berries are all around a great, healthy fruit to be consuming! To enjoy these berries, they are best when used in jellies, jams, juice, pies, and even wine.

Growing Tips

These berries grow extremely well in most climates zoned 3-9. We recommend planting them together to improve pollination, extend the harvest season and yield the top results for berry production. Both reach heights of 12-14 feet, at maturity.

The york variety is an attractive shrub that bears very quickly, often in its second year. It yields delicious dark berries that ripen in late August. The nova variety ripen earlier than the york; expect ripe berries in early to mid-August.

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