Blueberries are a wonderful addition to any garden or orchard! They provide delicious food but, beyond that, they offer tremendous health benefits while adding beauty to the landscape. Spring flowers bloom in shades of creamy white to robust pink, eventually turning into pounds of wonderfully flavored fruits that range from sweet to tart. But that is not the end! Fall colors explode to fill your landscape with hues of brilliant oranges, golds, coppers and the fiery reds.

In addition to being a beautiful addition to your garden, growing your own blueberries can be a very rewarding experience. Tending to your blueberry plants can guarantee that your berries are getting the best care. Once those plump, delicious berries finally ripen you can enjoy them in an endless number of ways!

Health Benefits

Blueberries are native to North American and are filled to the brim with vitamin C and antioxidants. They are one of the most healthful fruits; tiny wonders packed with nutrition. They are delicious on their own but can also be baked into pies and cobblers, blended into milkshakes and smoothies, sprinkled over yogurt, or simply eaten right from the plant.

Growing Tips

These plants require acidic, loose soil and full sunshine in order to thrive. If your soil is not ideal, mulching has proven to help create a more fertile environment for them to grow in. These bushes eventually mature into being six or more feet tall, depending on the variety. After the plant has been established, they may be pruned to hold a compact shape that retains the maximum amount of fruit.

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