Now is the Time to Order!


NW Berry Patch is full swing for Spring! Our 2015 berry stock is going fast. Place your orders online now to reserve your plants. You can set a delayed shipping date if you are not ready for your plants quite yet. But don’t wait too long! Our plants are moving quickly. Some varieties are already sold out. Please visit for our latest inventory. There’s no minimum order so you can get the right number of plants for your space.

Check your Asparagus


With this warm, mild winter, asparagus spears are coming up already. A full three weeks early! Don’t miss out on an early harvest. Be sure to clear away any mulch covering your beds and pull any weeds. And check them often! Asparagus season comes and goes like a flash so don’t miss out!

Plant Spotlight: Marionberries


Large, juicy delicious fruit that cannot be missed! While these fruits can be found at farmer’s markets around Oregon and Washington, those of you outside of Oregon may not have heard of our darling Marionberry. But it’s too delicious to keep to ourselves! That’s why we sell Marionberry plants nationwide so everyone can share these amazing berries.

This plant was developed in Western Washington and Oregon and is named after Marion County in Oregon. Marionberries are similar to blackberries only larger and brighter in color. They produce big, bright black, exceptionally flavored fruit that can be eaten fresh or turned into jams and desserts. Marionberry vines are vigorous, thorny plants with strong canes and high production. Fruit ripens in July in most areas. Marionberries are hardy in zones 6-9.

Learn more and order Marionberries online by clicking here!