January Newsletter: Strawberries Abound!


Happy 2015, friends! We are in the middle of our busy season, here at the nursery. If you want to order plants for 2015, NOW IS THE TIME! We are selling out of some varieties already. You can order any number of plants that you prefer online. And you can set the shipping date to any time you like- you can reserve your plants for later shipping! Click here to order online!

Garden Planning:  Now is the perfect season to sit in front of the fire and plan out your garden for next summer. Gardeners everywhere are making plans and ordering seeds. It’s also the perfect time to reserve your berry plants now for later shipping. Stay cozy!

 Strawberries Abound!


Camarosa Strawberries

Strawberries have almost universal appeal. They are the main ingredient in America’s favorite jam and everyone knows Strawberry Shortcake! We know some people that make homemade Strawberry Shortcake for dinner once a year, when the strawberries are in season and dripping with sweetness.

The great thing about these plants is that they are small but mighty. They take up very little room in a garden and do very well in containers and hanging baskets. And yet they survive many winters, producing flavorful crops and even producing runners to keep the crop going. Growing strawberries at home is almost a no-brainer.

While it is a little early to plant strawberries, it is not too early to get your orders in for spring planting. We recommend planting strawberries in early to mid-spring, depending on your zone. For those of us in Northwestern Oregon, March is just about right. Strawberries like pH-balanced soil, a little on the sandy side. They can be planted in beds, pots, baskets or even in tubes like this one!

Click here to view all our strawberry varieties. Click on each one to read about their specific qualities and growing requirements. You can set a shipping date that suits you best and get ready for spring planting!!

Happy Planting!