Patricia Berries“Here are some photos of the berry patch part of my garden.  I have a good size lot where I have 26 berry barrels and about 30 dwarf/semi-dwarf fruit trees.  Overall, my berry barrels are about 80% Weeks Nursery bushes. That will go up to about 90% with this new order as I replace non-producers (none of your plants of course!!). Currently, I have Ollallieberry, Black Raspberry, Tayberry, Red, Black, and White Currants, Green and Red Gooseberries.


This last year, I entered 30 of my jams from all the fruit in the Douglas County Fair. I’ve gotten 1st place for Blackberry Jam 2 years in a row with your berries.  That’s a big deal here in Douglas County!! I also got 2nd place for my current jam (from Weeks Berry bushes).



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